Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How many military spouses does it take to change a flat tire?

Remember how I mentioned Murphy's Law of Deployments, If it can break, it will break.... Here is a shining example... My new (as in that is a BRAND new tire) flat tire. Thankfully I had my fellow military spouses there to help out (Thanks Julee, Laura and Tiffany) and Dunkin Donuts to occupy my children.

And it takes 0 Military Spouses, we just call a man in green to come do it for us ;P
In all seriousness....I did learn a lot!
Tips to Change a Tire:
1. Unload all the tools. We glanced over the tire iron (or lugnut turny thing as it was called until we remembered the proper name) and attempted to use a Jeep Tire Iron. No they are not universal....which proves that a man makes them.
2. The lugnuts are screwed on tight (and this is the step where a man in green came in very handy) super put your parking break on and JUMP onto the Tire Iron. Viola!
3. Put the jack on the shock thingy (go ahead and laugh, but I know EXACTLY what I'm talking about)....and lift it up, take the old one off and put on the new one.
4. You can only go about 50 miles on a spare, and about 50 mph at that...which is why I am driving the beat up chevy that is my husband's until I can garuntee Toyota can work on my car.
A very special thanks to all the guys who helped and the ladies as well!

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Jennifer said...

I am just now seeing this.... I LOVE the photo! I'm glad you got it sorted.