Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Really? This is what my life is about?

This morning, my dear sweet not-quite-19-month old decided to start going potty, on her own, as in going into the bathroom, stripping down, using it, putting on her pants and walking out.
She did it once...and then again...and again...and again! Not once did I have to remind her, ask her, or push her.

Yep, you read that right, today was a SUCCESS and I can't believe I am so freaking so excited about my child choosing to go potty, but that is what my life consists of these days...and I am so okay with that!

For those of you who will be potty training a younger child while having an older child wonder why they can't get a treat for going is my new tip! Use this opportunity, every time Anna uses the Potty...Kaelyn gets a chance to earn candy by READING SIGHT WORDS! So far, Anna is peeing in the potty 8/10 times and Kaelyn is reading The, On, and Cat/Hat/Mat because those were the words used in her various sentences today! By the time Anna is fully potty trained, Kaelyn might just realize that reading is EASY!!!


mamanicky said...

Thanks for visiting my blog...the playroom stayed clean for a whole day. Congrats on the potty training! That's amazing, mine always took a bunch of tries.

Elaina said...

That's awesome! Abby is 30 months old and we're still doing diapers and night and when we're out of the house. I think the only real plus is that we're using gummy candies that have different letters of the alphabet, so bribing her is also educational. Still, I am NOT looking forward to doing this again!