Friday, November 6, 2009


So I've been challenged to produce 7 pink things for my next post by my friend Leslie (feels weird not calling you Ms. McKee or Mrs. Bowers). Since I have two girls, this post should be easy, but I don't have my camera with me (it's already tucked away for our trip to Grandma's this week), so I'm pulling up old photos of pink things in my home! Pink Blanket:
That lovely, loud, obnoxious pink leopard print blanket is THE BLANKET for our three year old. She never had a blanket, until Daddy was gone and she had developed a very high fever. It was winter, and as all mom's know, there comes a point when the layers of clothing to keep your child warm interfere with the ability of the car seat to function. Thus a LARGE, discounted blanket was my solution. It was love at first sight...that pink blanket speaks to Kaelyn's Soul! Anna has a matching purple one, which speaks to her soul. This picture was taken when Anna was one month old and Kaelyn was SHARING her blanket. Almost made me cry....may have just been hormones.

Pink Clothes/Toys/Accessories:
Okay, so here are the girls, and they are the driving PINK force in my household. Even though I'm not a fan of pink (okay, I hate it), I love having these girls as my reason to have it around. (BTW, this is Santa Kaelyn--the swimsuit is a hat, bringing gifts to Anna)

Anna's Pink/Lime Green mat:
So, here is my admission, I'm not really a fan of pink. Kaelyn ADORES pink, and Anna needs it to prove to others that she is a girl, so I have pink. This is the first thing I sewed with my sewing machine that Ryan bought me. Anna is the MESSIEST eater. This lovely mat has saved me so much work! I LOVE IT (and my sewing machine).

Bright pink flower photos in black frames:
When I have the time, this pink flower, and a few other vibrant pink/purple flower photos are going to be hung in the girls bedroom. Why is it that there room gets all the love, while mine stays rejected???
Pink Flowered Table:
We got the greatest deal on two of these sweet tables well before we even thought about a second child or found out it was a girl. That's how GREAT a deal it was (okay, okay, I'll tell you, 22 bucks for both tables and four chairs). The girls eat snack and play at one in the kitchen as well as one in their bedroom.

Pink Dress Up Clothes:
I know it looks like I favor Kaelyn, well, it's just that she's our Pink child and Anna is our Purple Child. If the color choice had been purple, there would have been NO Kaelyn pictures, since she is a Pink Snob. This is Kaelyn sleeping on the floor in her dress up clothes! I LOVE That she kept her shoes on! When she woke up, she still had her shoes on. Talk about some talent!
This is the best pink top ever! It lasted from 20 wks-til five days before deliver (when that photo was taken). I know it's not in my house, but....I love this top and I hate that is SAYING SOMETHING!

And, since I don't have anymore pink photos that have already been taken, I'll tell you two of my favorite pink things...
A Pink Orchid: that was given to me while I was in the hospital with Kaelyn. It's a silk plant in a dark green square container and I love having it in my home. It's currently in our white "closet" bathroom (a bathroom that is about the size of a large closet and has only a toilet and pedestal sink).
A Pink Wallet: It's a bright hot pink wallet that is EASY to find in my cavernous Mom purse. All the slots are in all the right places for me!