Thursday, May 19, 2011

No such thing

I'm starting to think that their is no such thing as a good doctors appointment. Kaelyn and Nolen both had "well baby" check ups a few weeks back and I go thinking..."Finally, a normal, routine doctors appointment." Boy was that thought shattered fast. Kaelyn has had what we thought was a benign Stills Heart murmur that was "fading", meaning that up until the other day we were confident that she would grow out of it. Apparently it's back, it's loud and it warrants a very thorough eval with a pediatric cardiologist.
Nolen's was equally bad and very much like watching a precious diamond ring (in this case my dream of a normal drs Appt) spiral in slow motion down the sink want to scream, you frantically try and stop the spiral only to watch your wasted efforts go tumbling down the drain. Nolen's head has been growing at an alarming rate, and before the Neuro team would let us leave the office they stressed that he MUST be seen and frequently by our pediatrician to keep an eye on the potentially threatening situation. I didn't mention this to the Ped and the first words out of her mouth were, "Nolens head growth is alarming..." Basically, we are waiting to see how his head growth will be in the next month or so before we do further testing. Meaning pray and hope it slows down so that we can avoid an MRI and/or CT scan. A lot of different things can cause this, one of which being poor cerebal spinal fluid circulation which would then lead to surgery where he would have a shunt installed that ran from his brain to abdomen to help the flow of fluids. Other causes are tumor/poor bone structure/and other ugliness.

In addition to this new concern, Nolens weight is yet again "not so good" I've been stuffing his face...and need suggestions for high calorie/high protein baby friendly foods (already doing sweet potatoes and avocados). Suggestions?

So there it is in a lovely brood of children can not have a normal, routine doctors appointment. It's just not possible!

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Laura said...

You might already be doing this, but when I was nannying for an "underweight" baby, we mixed melted butter and olive oil into all of her baby foods. That way, we could even get fat into her when she ate peas and other non-fatty foods.

Just an idea.

welcome to our wonderland said...

man you just can't catch a break. praying for good results on both appts.

my youngest has a "innocent heart murmur" yea like a hole in the heart is innocent. her's is here to stay its the size of a head of a tiny push pin like . something.

I hope and pray nolen gains weight and the doesn't have to have any more test or surgeries.

my friend's baby had a shunt in his head from the brain (too much cerebal fluid) to tummy. he had that as a baby and had no problems or anything. if that helps.


Kim said...

It just doesn't stop, does it? Hugs.