Friday, September 10, 2010

This is the kind of crow I LOVE To eat!

So, remember my frustration yesterday, and I how I was so sure Nolen shouldn't be coming off his oxygen....

Look at what is missing?? Can you figure it out???

Yep! You got that right, Little Man is breathing on his own. He still has occasional desats, his respiratory rate can still be a little high, but he is working it out, learning how to keep breathing and keep his rates up! I guess part of me was scared to make him work for it, but he can do it! (He was suctioned a time or two last night to help keep his airway clear)

Nolen still has his feeding tube (the yellow/cream tube through his nose) and is being fed breast milk continuously to help his body regain it's strength. Today, we hope to move him off continual feeds onto bollus feeds (which is what a normal child does, a large feed, period of no food, large feed.

Nolen is maintaining his core body temperature without the help of the warmer on the isolette. With that said, he does look a bit like an eskimo with his clothes, socks, knitted hat, and three blankets.

Today, I will gladly eat my crow for breakfast! Just glad to see some forward movement from little man! Can't wait until they let us take that big step down out of the PICU and onto the regular ward.

**knocks on wood to avoid jinxing myself**


Claire Radon said...

He looks great Brandie, it's so nice to hear he's improving and feel a little relief in your voice!

welcome to our wonderland said...

yes!!! doing a little happy dance!!! you go Nolen!!!!

we are all cheering you on come on little guy :)

LOVE this post, great wonderful news.

prays continuing but he looks great, his eyes are bright and he has some color to his cheeks :)

Kim said...

Beautiful sight! Hurray! You'll be home in no time and this will all be a distant memory(lots of knocking on wood!).